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Fernando Zaccaria was born on 20 June 1970. He split between New York City and Italy, where continues a philosophical inquiry characterizing his art. His first experience with photography dates back to the period when he lived in New York in 2001, when he decided to take the first pictures trying to get shots that would bring out the mental structures that lead to the formation of a cognitive thought. A week before September 11 he found himself choosing as a subject the Twin Towers reflection on buildings that within a few days they would be called “ground zero”. In his shots Zaccaria aims to the forming of ideas and concepts, his interest is directed to the constitution of thought, process of which he wants to capture the image.
After this first approach Zaccaria returned to Italy to take care of family matters and with some of those first images of New York City, he publishes his first book “New York City September 10th” he donated the book royalties to a children school in Manhattan. At that time he started his cooperation with Jan Saidler Ramirez chief curator of the nascent memorial museum at ground zero. The museum welcome three of his works and participated to his institutional exhibitions.
In the following years he comes back many times in the Big Apple where he collects many shots he calls “prints of light on a film” as traces of human activities. He always frames with the intent to capture the modality of how we give “the identity of things.” These LIGHTPRINTS are found in the second book He publishes a few years later. Upon the release of the book “New York City LIGHTPRINTS” (Silvana Editoriale – 2008) Zaccaria organized an exhibition at the castle of the medieval philosopher Pico della Mirandola, where conferences are held with the philosophers Mauro Carbone, Markus Ophälders, who writes an essay for the occasion and Maurizio Guerri.
Zaccaria alternates institutional exhibitions and conferences to exhibitions destined to collectors, collaborates with philosophers, with researchers, artists and critics and in the world of photography and art. Among his projects always he presents new works and heterogeneous albeit within the same search. The object of his research becomes more and more a “Image-logos” in a hermeneutic approach to what he calls research around human.
Selected Exhibitions and Art Fair:
2016. Torino – Londra – Praga, “CBM art prize”.
2015. Milano, Italia. The Mall, “Milano Image Art Fair”.
2015. Bologna, Italia. Fiera di Bologna, “Artefiera”.
2014. Singapore, Singapore. Marina Bay Sands “MIA & D,”.
2014. Milano, Italia. Superstudiopiù. “Milan Image Art Fair”.
2014. Milano, Italia. Galleria The Studio. “Cross Over”
2011. Torino, Italia. Palazzo delle Esposizioni. “54 ° Biennale di Venezia”.
2011. Torino, Italia. Museo Le Nuove. “The Others”.
2010. Milano, Italia. Galleria Studio. “Paesaggio Italiano”.
2009. Milano, Italia. Galleria Studio. “The Soul Cages” (a cura di A. Trabucco).
Selected personal exhibitions:
2012. Milano, Italia. Galleria The Studio “America’s fake freedom”.
2011. Milano, Italia. SPAZIO OBERDAN. “Il Velo Rivelatore”.
2009. Verona, Italia. Fondazione Campostrini. “New York City lightprints”.
2008. Mirandola, Italia. Castello di Pico della Mirandola. “Lo sguardo obliquo/Spazi Visivi Istantanei.
2003. Milano, Italia. Musei di Porta Romana. “10 ° New York City September 10th”.
2008. “New York City LIGHTPRINTS”
Silvana Editoriale, Milano.
2002. “New York City September 10th”
Gribaudo Editore, Torino.
Public collections:
New York City (NY), U.S.A., National 9/11 Museum.
Verona, Italia, Fondazione Campostrini.
Selected bibliography:
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Upcoming projects:
Photography-philosophy – college workshop:
“Photography as philosophical practice” University of Milan Italy.
Research essays.
Publications and Art:
– Calendar and new book for National 9/11 Museum New York Ciity.
– Woman’s rights new photo-book and exhibition.
– Short documentary: Thinking the world by images
– Ballets Russes: during a trip to Russia Zaccaria made several shots inspired by the positions of the German
philosopher Novalis, according to whom to give a more concrete meaning to our experience of the “real” you must
look at the world through the eyes of imagination and “Romanticizing” recovering “an original meaning”. Novalis
wrote philosophical tales for adults and spoke of a world of fairies, that Zaccaria rediscover thanks to the twilight
that attacked the landscape. The industries so “romanticized” through play and philosophical practice, turn into
dreamy paintings and found an original way Novalisian. Damir Zubcic has linked this research experience of the
collective “Ballets Russes”, born from the genius of Sergei Diaghilev and wrote a critical text.
– SEMIOSIS: signs that become material for the senses.
The philosopher c.s. Peirce says: “Even the Simplest of thoughts carries within himself a knowledge of the world […]
Even the more simple graph, sign, track, involves a philosophy of the Universe: All They implicitly a cosmic sense,
since there ‘That track is not immediately establish the coordinates and failing to establish immediately a map, an
orientation …. “ . This project gather photographs of a plain metal with accidental signs and stains where the whole
human culture and knowledge is visible.